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Wow, you're on a rant roll today, Perfesser. Loved the Rhonda Shear link...


Is the cop on Blakely's staff accompanying him to Australia?


Well, Adrastos, that's because I've been UP!

All night!

Richard P.

In fairness, many in the sports fan community would point out that it's not an either-or situation, that the athletics-related donations being used to pay for football, etc. were made for just that, that they didn't donate into the general fund.

Having said that, I pose this question: was the decision to fire and pay the contract of one coach and hire a new one such a wise move when the new coach which Tulane eventually could and did hire, as opposed to the one that they wanted to hire but who was really just using Tulane's interest as leverage with Stanford, coached a couple of teams who posted great seasons roughly ten years ago but saw his later teams fail to match that mark and then found himself let go from that head coach position and out of football for three years prior to only recently getting back into football only as an offensive coordinator of a team whose offense was fairly poor under his guidance? If Tulane is paying a lot more for the new coach than they paid Chris Scelfo then they're probably getting a bad deal and that can't be good no matter what.

Cowen, for all of his business school background, is anything but a good manager. An appealing pitchman, he is, indeed, but a manager he is not.

Ricardo G

Additionally, Tulane's Community Public Service (CPS) grant program for faculty to do research-related work denied a grant application for Melanie Ehrich founder of CHAT (Citizens Road Action Team) because they did not feel that it was pertinent enough to the recovery effort. It was not Cowen who turned her down directly but a CPS committee. It still seems like a Naginesc lack of direction in the organization he heads.

Mr. Clio

A mook rundown, and no mention of George Shinn? Check today's sports section. They take him down nicely regarding his new practice facility.

I wish the Hornets would just leave so they can entertain Shinn's evangelical friends in Oklahoma City.

Mr. Clio

Don't forget this choice quote from AB:
"New Orleans was my place of residency for six years during the season, but I only worked there. I'm not a New Orleans native, I'm from Virginia. So I just worked there. It was a job and I have a new job."


The worst mistake was Newcomb. Tulane will suffer for a generation, and the progeny will never know of Newcomb.

He has severed a generational link, and women live longer than men.

I know estates that have yanked their support.


The worst mistake was Newcomb. Tulane will suffer for a generation, and the progeny will never know of Newcomb.

He has severed a generational link, and women live longer than men.

I know estates that have yanked their support.


I think the Cop who travels with Blakley will be running the Recovery while Blakley does his 2 dozen other jobs.


DePauw's most (only?) famous alumnus is (drum roll, please)... J. Danforth Quayle. Wonder if you can get a baked potatoe at the dining halls there? 'Nuf ced.

As for Clarence Ray, well, every time he puts his foot in his mouth, an angel gets his wings...

Cut by the *Raiders*?! Cue Nelson Muntz!

Richard P.

The original document from Josephine Louise LeMonnier Newcomb, as far as I have seen, does seem to be fairly vague and does grant broad discretionary powers to the Tulane board. Nevertheless, Tulane went the route of establishing a coordinate college for women, which was something of a novel concept at the time, and one has to think they did so for some reason.

In any case, however, Cowen has stirred up a hornets nest and that can't be good, especially now.


CPS is the Center for Public Service; I doubt you have much direct knowledge of the situation if you don't even know the name of the entity you are trying to take down.


Mook rundown?

Only if they're in front of my car, and I'm behind the wheel. In New Orleans.

I'm sure I'll be out on the street very soon after being arrested for the deed, at least.

Sad, but true...


A Divisional VP at Newell Rubbermaid, Hartley Blaha? What a fucking name! I think you could do a few things with that name.


Turns out the real joker in the Cowen deck is his directorship at mega-developer Forest City Enterprises (the folks behind the brewing Brooklyn arena debacle). How long, do you suppose, before Forest City turns up in town, all set to partner with, oh, I don't know, Cowen's BNOB associate Joe Canizaro??

Is it commonplace for university presidents to simultaneously hold corporate directorships? Doesn't sound right to me...

G Bitch

I always love me some mook rundown!


Hey Ashley - I'm a grad student at Tulane, though not in any of the engineering-related fields. Dean Altiero came to speak at our graduate school student association's meeting the other night, and was hyping this grand redevelopment plan for the School of Science & Engineering. They have brought in a high-powered advisory committee which is helping guide the new "plan", which will involve 6 divisions, including several new hybrid science and engineering departments; the hope is that these companies will be committing financial resources as well. And who's on this committee but current or former highly-placed employees of big IT firms, including Microsoft, Yahoo, and several others. The makeup of the committee and the plan to bring back engineering departments in a new fashion really struck me and others as odd, given the post-Katrina changes Cowen et al. made. Do you know much more about this?


Nolagal, what I know is that Altiero is a puppet cheerleader. The people I've talked to that work in S&E say that all of the good people a) have left, b) plan to leave this year or next or c) are retiring soon.

Altiero is all hyped up about building a new school of Engineering, but the word is out that tenure means nothing at Tulane, even if you do bring in millions in grants.

They will not be able to attract the talent they are bragging about being able to attract. Not for a long, long time.


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