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Banzai Bill


It's still not too late. Get everyone up, get into the car, drive over to the parking lot between Frenchman St. and Elysian Fields, wait for St. Anne, walk with them to Canal and Royal, catch BOTH Rex and Zulu, and then head back into Jackson Square/Frenchman Street for post-parade madness.

That's what I'd do ;)



It's all good.


My boy got a marked up Juneau from the Coach (guess signatures are hard on dog fur) before the parade and later caught some black and gold football beads from his float. I didn't catch Payton's eye like you did ;) but I was happy to walk a few blocks to have plenty of time to just. look. Ahem.


Someone stole your girls' stuffed goodies? There shall be Hell to pay for that one.

I'm up and getting ready for St. Anne's. I can't get too crazy today as there's the N. Rampart Street Costume thing later today, and I can't be a mess then. (Wait! Of course I can... it's Mardi Gras.)

13th Ward Warrior

Another great year. lots less tourists. I don't work for their money so I don't miss them, but I miss them for all my peeps that depend on that money. I needed this so bad, but I'm ready now to settle down and bust ass. Time to follow the lead that Melancon has made and take it to D.C. Let's go people! Make jobs, get our people home, and get our due from the fuc&er$ that short changed our levees and are trying to do the same again.


Managed to catch most of Zulu, despite not getting into the city until about 11 am. Parked at the corner of St. Joseph/Tchoupatoulis ($40 ...ugh...but I was sick of driving) and walked up the street to watch the parade roll by.

Last year I caught a faux (plastic) coconut (and a small tambourine). No such luck this year, but I did get a set of medallions. I'll pass some along to friends, and keep one or two for myself.

As for Rex, well, got few doubloons and called it a day.

A non-protestant whiskey (Jameson's) and a bottle of vino now await. Too bad that means I'm...back in Red Stick.


Thanks for coming around for Thoth. The Morris family brings a joy to our home. That Miss K is VERY well-spoken. You guys are doing a great job with them.

Miss A may have left a hat over here. A white one?

I'll run it over if it's hers.


Punctuation nanny here....periods after titles, pls. Thx.


The laziest place to catch both parades, for future reference, is the corner of St. Charles and Jackson, where the two routes coincide. The two great things about that spot is that (1) as stated above, you can catch both parades in the same place and (2) it's close enough to uptown to still have a family vibe to the crowd (for the young 'uns).

And for the record, I'm all about the Economist or any other e e cummings type punctuation. If Christopher Walken doesn't need it, neither do I.


yay for the Payton beads! We caught some football beads from him too...and I got my coveted picture with him....highlight of MG this year for me!!!!!


Let's a play a game, it's called Put this Quote in Context:

“If it’s not round and bouncing, it don’t matter around here,”

And yes, the whole fun of the game is putting the Quote out of context.

ashley Morris

I don't know if I know HOW to put that quote in context.

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