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Brooks also taught these guys to play together in a way that is next to impossible now, with all the NHL egos running around. Try his methods now, and it would be akin to herding cats on skates...


That's the pernt, liprap...not an NHLer among them.

At the time.


God I remember those games. I can't remember where we watched - I have memories of being in my apt and in a bar. Since that was my entire existence back then (well through in class occasionally), hard to say. I might have been in different spots for the games, that's why it's jumbled in my head.


No, No - I was in Jackson. I was still in high school. Probably already going to bars, but still. Argh! Why are my memories all blending the years together?


Honey, you are rearing children. They are bound to assist heavily in messing with your head...


To your fucking grave. That's awesome, simply because it is so true.

I wish someone had said that to Ohio State this past January.


It was a Friday night, my Junior year of high school. I worked at the mall as a janitor, and the day before a co-worker said he had a big date and asked if I'd work for him.

I said no way, it's the hockey game.

He gave me the blankest stare I'd ever seen, then said, in a voice that emphasized just how far we were in the South and how little business I had doing this, "Hockey?"

Big deal.

Then, I spent the whole day avoiding watching the news and listening to the radio (no internets back then) so I could watch the tape delay broadcast on ABC.


We avoided the news too and watched the replay. I know, I know, it wasn't live, but back then it was pretty easy to make it *feel* live.

That was a few days after Mardi Gras, and we had my grandparents visiting from Boston, so of course there was a lot of hockey love in the house that week.

The movie version was pretty decent, but being Disney they had to leave out the "fucking grave" quote, which is a real shame.

(That was also the same week that I tried to sneak in the door staggering drunk for the first time in my life, and the same week that I got to ride Doc Severinsen's float in Endymion and help him unwrap throws. I think tat was the week I also got to second base very briefly with Lisa W. for the first and only time.)


Sounds like a hell of a week, Ray.

Who's Lisa W? Pix?

Anybody see the made-for-tv movie from like 82 or something? Herb Brooks as portrayed by Karl Malden. The cool thing was that it was an ABC movie, so they used real footage from the game.


Lisa introduced me to psychedelic drugs and was the first girl I knew who liked the Ramones; she was my biggest fan for two months and then suddenly turned into a class A bitch and broke my heart. I have no idea what happened to her; her last name is too common for her to be google-able. Last known location was O. Perry Walker HS. If I was the bitter vindictive type, I'd like to think that these days she weights 300 pounds and lives with her crackhead boyfriend in some trailer park in Westwego or something and spends her days wishing she'd spent more time with that really cute Ray guy back in 10th grade, but I'm not really the bitter vindictive type. Not really.


Ah, Ray, this is all drooping into the TMI category.

And no, you're not bitter. Not at all.


Ive always aoedrd that church and the houses nearby. Having grown up in that general neighborhood it was always part of my perambulations, be they on foot or by bike. I'll need to collect my thoughts to be able to comment in a more cogent fashion. Right now I am just dismayed that the next time I come home yet another landmark of my youth will have been destroyed.

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