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I saw that pic on and had to do a double take. i thought I was at your blog.

Ashley Morris

No, Varg. As opposed to, my blog is well researched and cites sources.


On parade, man! Best to you and the Krewe. You make Rose look malnourished.


Oooooh, you poster boy, you! You're gettin' around, or, at least, your picture is.


Uncle Lionel looks very happy with Hana...


I take it Rose doesn't read the blog, or at least hasn't lately. Unless he was about to put you into a half-nelson in that one shot... or maybe, in his heart, he knows you're right about the Midura piece.

Ashley Morris

I asked him if he remembered my email, and he just said he got a LOT of email about that particular column.

Ashley Morris

And Adrastos, Uncle Lionel has his eyes on my wife's mom. We went to go see Kermit at Rock and Bowl, and Lionel wouldn't let her sit down, they were dancin' so much.


I can't wait to see you all at the parade tonight!

(Still dead from the Faeries Ball)


I love Uncle Lionel, he has gotten me in so much trouble


But it is the right being AGAINST the left and the left being AGAINSTthe right that is the problem.Government has kind of bmcoee like Clint Eastwood in For A Few DollarsMore. And we the American people are like the two gangs that controlthe town. Clint's character had no loyalty to either side & wasjust looking to enrich himself while undermining both sides. Public depravity needs to be on display, exposed for what itis a shallow pool for people that are out of control.


Gee, I didn't even know I was a Person Of Interest until way after the investigation was over. I still feel manigled but Loki and Alan(?) were most apologetic. At least it was cleared up before they made me return the food I ate!-M

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