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New Orleans used to have one posted outside a now-defunct bar on Decatur. It was a comparison between murders in Boston and murders in New Orleans. At the time, the two cities were approximately the same size, but the numbers for one city were MUCH larger. Guess which city it was...


It's not defunct, its the Abbey. I used to be a regular.


Move to Algiers yall!


Go Varg!

Something similar to this (I think, I can't read the links at work) was discussed at Dambala's.
I just asked at Varg's about if any more plans are in process...he had said he owns a website.

So.....? Puhleez tell me if I'm "nagging". I prefer to call it "participating".


Evidently, a bunch o folks were working on this, and Dambala put them all in touch wif each other. I linked to Mr. Denzer's 'cause it's the only one I know the URL for.


I'm acquainted with Brian. He knows his stuff.


Rio has a metropolitan population of 11,719,708, this is very close to 10 times the population of the New Orleams MSA.

The population of the city is over six million. The statistics are not in our favor.

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