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I'm always so ambivalent about these things, and that's one reason I quit our neighborhood assoaciation board. In principle, everyone wants a good restaurant and to foster good chefs, but there is a pattern of buying the property and then complaining about the zoning. I think the city tends to be sympathetic: "Aw, they've already invested so much...." I think a big problem that needs to be addressed is that zoning stays with the property. Hypothetically, the residents may like Sonnier and want the place, but if it goes under, all those waivers they approved stay with it, so Joe Schmo now has the liquor license, etc. I guess that helps a little to prevent some kind of classist favoritism, but neighbors would be more amenable if they thought they'd still have some control after one owner flies the coop.


As an official member of the Peanut Gallery, Sonnier made a bad decision by investing so heavily in a location which wasn't correctly zoned and relying upon a political favor which may or may not have manifested itself (whoops, Batt), BUT I think that everyone that is on him right now, with the possible exclusion of the directly next-door neighbors, are rooting against him primarily because of his hubris and not because they think the underlying restaurant is a bad idea. Restaurants are good, neighborhood restaurants are better.

All that said, as a regular of Lola's and Cafe Degas on Esplanade, I REALLY don't understand the decision to move Gabrielle's in the first place. The neighborhood immediately bounced back, and it's an hour plus wait for a table at Lola's every weekend WHICH IS DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET (read 25 FEET) from Gabrielle's old location. Between the hubris and poisonous behavior towards his last neighborhood, I think he's going to get shot down.


Chris Rose check facts? Does he even have "tubes"? I doubt it. He's so involved in himself, I think he scarcely notices anything else -- which would be okay if he weren't writing political commentary.


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