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Exact opposite raeoticn from me I love it. I spent months trying to track down one of those jersey t-shirts in this color with Kazmir's name and number on the back. Apparently they assumed the powder blue was only for women, as the only player I could find was Longo (it worked out in the end that I never found the Kaz shirt, I guess).Anyway, I like the color it's colorful without being that awful teal that was so in during the 90s. I don't like that there's no devil ray on the sleeve without any trace of a fish, it really starts to look like we're named after sunshine, which is just bad.


Niggers love to kill each other- just don't go to where those niggers like to play treagt practice. Don't spend your money in thier communities if there is a chance you may get shot. Don't go to Mardi Gras and tell the city of New Orleans that if they can't get thier negroes in check then we will stay 15 miles AWAY from New Orleans and if anyone comes OUT of N.O. then they will be watched CLOSELY by residents and police alike.Black ppl make up so many excuses for killing themselves. Idiots.


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Oh and I don't think I have ever seen a jersey card on the top or bototm in a pack and for the auto that is so unreasonable none of this works unless you spend 2 hrs sifting through packs!


honestly so do I...something tells me Favre is pushing his luck and so are the Vikes with the whole siaottiun. But I could also see them pulling off some incredible plays and making things happen in spite of all of that. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...either way I'm just excited that its football season once again!!

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