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That is hilarious! Girls gone wild.

Of course I always do things with my daughter thinking, "We'll tire her out before we get in the car." But it never works. Once she talked for 12 hours on the way home from Florida.


Hah! I love how much your middle child is keeled over in the picture. Now THAT'S tired...


that's hilarious. good stuff.


Cute stuff

Mr. Clio

More evidence of how family-unfriendly that Mardi Gras in the city is. I'm contacting Child Protective Services. What did you do to those poor kids?


you are going to have a lot of explaining to do..these kids are going to turn on you like an angry crowd when they grow up and see these photos


Karen, I've got plenty more embarrassing photos ready to roll.

For Katerina's first date, I've got her first bath on video.

Mr. Cl10, I'm sure some child seat advocate is going to unleash the fury on me for these pictures.

I'm ashamed that Rey didn't bother to rip the "made in china" tag off of the bunch of beads.

And liprap, at first I thought it was the weight of the beads making her bend over like that...only she took off her beads when we got in the car.

And Seester, you probably know what it's like: when all the kids actually DO fall asleep, you want to keep driving around and do something, because you never, ever get that much silence.


These are the types of pictures the rest of the country needs to see. They think that the only thing going on during Carnival is people exposing body parts and getting drunk (and God forbid!) worse. No one believes me when I tell them it is also a family event.


I want everyone to note that the purple on the ladder seat is not just any purple.


It's K&B purple.

Yeah you rite.

Banzai Bill

Now I'm "REALLY" missing Mardi Gras season.... My son Devin enjoyed two Mardi Gras' before the hurricane. I was going to go out and buy/make one of those ladders for his third birthday. Never happened. This will be the second Mardi Gras season we have missed. And, as we who live/lived in New Orleans know, much of the season is FOR the KIDS (and the kid in all of us). Have a great Mardi Gras and "throw me something, Mister." :)


Too cute. I always worry about the car seat police when Sydney sleeps flopped over like that.


Those pix would be great in an ad campaign for family friendly mardi gras! They are the perfect before & after!


K&B purple, I saw that. Don't get me started on the driving for silence thing - worked with #1 failed with #2.




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