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Here's an idea. Let's put city hall on a big floating platform in Pontchartrain. When we find out someone is dirty...we kick 'em off.


Throwing your beret in the ring again, eh?


I hadn't realized the Perfesser was an expert in fuzzy thinking, until I read his resume just now.


Why does this make me think of CSI?

CTO: New Orleans
CTO: Chicago

Where else?


Dude! Geaux for it!! You've got both the ingredients to make the roux: the credentials, and the vision. (Sadly, I am somewhat lacking on the credentials part, or I'd be bucking for Deputy Assistant Under Secretary to the CTO or whatever.)

CTO Ashley, with contacts all over the map, would be well positioned to bring technology companies, besides just You-Know-Who, into the city. *Imagine* that! ;-P

Here's your free sample: In the New Economy Index survey from 2002, New Orleans ranked 15th of 50 metro areas surveyed in access to Internet backbone. And that was pre-K. A lot of that backbone has presumably gone silent since. Couple that with our unique ability to create interesting locally-based content, and you have a multimedia powerhouse in the making, if only Entergy N.O. doesn't jack the rates up so high that no one can afford to boot up a server.

Does that get me the Deputy Asst. Under Sec'y job??

R. Eustis

Hey Dr. M.:

Saw you as we blazed by on Napoleon last night. Naturally I had nothing handy to wing at you, but I think my brother in law tagged you as best he could.

Hope y'all had fun. It's hard to sustain a parade on fart jokes.


R. Eustis: Your description in your blog was painstakingly accurate. I could tell that by the time you recognized me, all you had were generic beads, and you tossed them. Then, I got pelted in the head with a nice package, which some darned kid picked up.

One season: I'll get a Chaos deck of cards, a Muses shoe, a Krewe du Jieux Bagel, and a Zulu coconut. Then I can die.

KA: I'll consider you for the position, but I'm untouchable as far as bribes go.

Except for maybe Zulu coconuts.


Ashley, I need to ask you one thing before I decide to support you for CTO: Will I be invited to party on the boat? Signed, Dangerblond, Applicant for Internship.


Yes, you'll be invited, but I have a strong premonition that this will end up like Gary Hart and the Monkey Business if you come.

R. Eustis

Hell, Dr. M: If I'd known you wanted cards I would have set some aside for you...

Next year. Or if I bump into you somewhere and still have a stack (serious MG folks like them cards...)


That award winning website, that's supposed to be making everything transparent at City Hall lists Meffert as the CTO, that figures.

That's a petty complaint, compared to the other stuff that isn't there, or is buried in spots that only insiders can even access.

Oh, you're going to disqualify yourself if you keep saying you can't be bribed.

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