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I've been waiting for the Perfesser's post, but I understand the time delay. Like the money quote about Rex. The worst part of the procedure is the gas. But the polyticians have been providing plenty of it to get you used to the feeling.


Maybe next year, I'll have my tat, and you can join Zulu and I expect a coconut. That is why you are going to join isn't it?


That was worth the wait. Next year I'm going dressed as a ladder so I can get closer to the front.... Nah I'll probably just go as Sammy again.

Ray Ward

I hope it all comes out okay.


Nooooooooo!! Don't do it, man! Don't drink the Kool-aid!


Thank you for bringing us into your life a la Katie Couric. Good luck with the backside.


You know what they say about the best medicine. So have a chaser (but, please, not 10 glasses worth in your case):


If I can get the video, it'll be a podcast.

Adrastos yours. There I finally said it. That felt good.


Hey Ashley! You should get a kick out of this:


Deal: You can be Ignatius if I'm not back by next year. Otherwise, I must, with all due respect, claim to be paramount.

Remember the woman artist at Twelfth Night who was about eight sheets to the wind? Well, she told me I reminded her of "Ignatius O'Reilly". Silly me. I tried to stay in character, rather than responding "But the question is, do you remind me of Myrna minx?".

Way back when I lived in town, a friend named Velvet (really) wanted to cast me as Ignatius in the movie version of Dunces. I even used it as my handle on a now-defunct rebuilding board. So there.

Your Hawaiian phrase of the day: Malama pono (take care of yourself).


I think next year you should costume as Liz Smith -- great, newsy post!

I worked for a GI doc for 8 years....our motto was "Butts and guts R us"

Wishing you a polyp-free exam!


Me too. Down with polyps!


I somehow felt that cleaning out the colon would somehow bring out the Lenten stuff in all of you New Orleanians.


Heh, does this mean you will TRULY become the Assman, a la "Seinfeld"?

You gonna get license plates?


Carmen, I'm good on fairy dust. Hey, Marco, wasn't that a Gil Scott Heron song?

I got scoped 3 years ago, and it wasn't that bad. This one wasn't as uneventful. I felt like a bomb about to go off. Afterwards, I felt like Mr. Creosote. But all is well.

No personalized plates for me. Except, I wonder if I could get a FYYFF plate?

Aaron, I'll call the guy up and give him a couple of "get out of jail free cards" and Edwards post cards.

KamaAina, the only Hawai'ian I know is "Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana", courtesy of Warren Zevon. And we'll have a lucky dog eating contest to determine who gets to be Ignatius.


3) Take another look at the fotgoae and the way people are conducting themselves. Having a great time, doing the costume thing, saying farwell to the flesh before Lent. But NOT being obscene, obnoxious, or causing others to feel a need to be concerned for their safety or the safety of our children. It doesnt matter where you stand on the route in New Orleans, if the thugs havent shown up en masse before you get there, wait 5-10 minutes and a crowd will show.


I'm not saying dont go to Mardi Gras. If you hanevt been, PLEASE COME!! Join in our unique bachanalin gathering, experinece the magic of our city, and PUT YOU SOUL IN THE HANDS OF OUR MUSIC, but dont come down here and act like an ass b/c you saw it in the movies or tv. Read up on the history and understand that we respect your house when we come over, please respect ours.


YES, Mardi Gras (& New Orleans) is still ALIVE and kicking. YES, its still a huge clerbeation for thousands and a good time ..But anyone who thinks its still the same needs to wake up and do some self education on the true history behind what USED TO BE a wonderfull clerbeation of community and tradition, but lately seems to have been reduced to the level of Spring Break or a rock festival.


Mardi Gras lives on .America's greatest free event thnaks for posting; I agree, it looks the same on Canal St .do you have any footage on St. Charles Ave.? PPl please come to New Orleans and help it thrive again it is not just about flashing is a wonderful celebration before Lent .thanks again

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