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Real class fans. A packer fan from Wisc wrote a comment saying that Bears fans have the rep of being heartless low-life fucks. Where the hell were the staff? Maybe they can't read in Chicago.


1. Flew up friday @ 5:30am
2. Been there several times and boozed it up.
3. Went to game and heard really horrible comments from some
"wonderful" Chicago people.We must have been sitting the the absolute worst area for that. My options take it or get arrested for kicking the shit out of someone. The worst might have been a 14-15 year old kid w/ his dad and freinds
this kid was horrible and I could not believe his father let him say the things he said about OUR city. Trash talk about football is cool, but keep it to football. This was way past that. Thinking of writing an editorial to the Chicago Tribune.


Leon, do it.

Send one copy to the Sun-Times, one to the Tribune, one to the Times-Picayune and one to Dave Hoekstra at the Sun-Times.

Hoekstra gets it:


Given your typical NFL stadium's proclivity for ripping down signs less offensive than that.. this really does baffle me a bit.


I hope the offenders choke on their greasy, stinky sausages.... better yet, they can cram them up their fat asses.
Damn. Now I'm sounding as low as they.
I have to quit reading this stuff.


Olbermann includes these guys in his "worst person in the world" article.


Chicago has gotten what it deserves: CHICAGO.

It ain't New Orleans, and it just sticks in their craws that they ain't nothin' like us!

Damn sausage eaters!


And not good sausage like andouille, chaurice, or boudin, either.


As a former Chicago resident (Paulina Street in Lakeview) and a big fan of the Windy City, I too am ashamed. There is so much history between New Orleans and Mississippi and Chicago, and without that legacy so much of modern music and contemporary life would sound and look different. But what about your bigger point; that it’s not just about the bad guys?

Whether it’s in Guantanamo or the halls of Congress or the corridors of the capitol building in Baton Rouge or even the increasingly mean streets of New Orleans, the failure of good, well-meaning people to act is far more dangerous to us, collectively, than the threats posed by a handful of the menacing and mean spirited.


Steve, I lived right by you, on Southport.

I, unfortunately, am not a fan of the city.

This is all Kitty Genovese, all over again.


"Finish what the fire of 1871 started!"


Hey, a Chicagoan agrees!


For the record, I was born and raised in Gulfport, MS, and lived, went to college and worked in New Orleans for more than a decade, before my sojourn in Chicago. I like it there, but I my heart is still in New Orleans. I was, of course, rooting for the Saints from neutral territory here in Austin.


i've lived in this city for 7 years. I hate the bears and their fans for reasons like what you all just witnessed personally. it's getting publicity and was all over the local news channels this morning.

please don't lump the other 8+ million good souls in with the handful of scumbags that harassed you. it's a shame and it's embarrasing. but replying with things like "finish what the great chicago fire started" does nothing but bring you down to the the level of the low life bears fans.


I agree with you Dave, and if you'll notice, most of the comments here, and hell, most of the NOLA bloggers period, are just more depressed than anything at the idea that this would happen.

Aaron gave us this link:

And Aaron said "You know what the average fan of an opposing team heard in New Orleans this season?

Thank You."

That's who we are, and who we need to be.


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