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Mr. Clio

I hate to say it, but if the Saints left, that would factor into my thinking.


The Saints are gone as soon as Benson dies.


Watch the news. I am very close to thrwing away 300 years of famly because I fear for my wife and my life.


Next to nothing. This city is run by voters who think their best interests are served by protecting thugs. There is no recover, only slow rot.


If George Clooney calls and proposes marriage to me, I will have to move to Ohio. George can't go into politics in Louisiana because he is from Ohio.

Editor B

I think the question has become, "What would it take to keep you from moving away from New Orleans?"

Mr. Clio

When you phrase it the way Editor B has, I feel much better about things, because it's so simple: a new freaking mayor, a new freaking police chief, some new cojones for Oliver Thomas, and a new governor whose name is not Bobby Jindal or Kathleen Blanco.

Those are all achievable goals.


Mr. Clio, those are achievable goals but I'm scared it will be too late by the time they come to pass. We can't afford to keep losing good people while we wait for Nagin and Blanco's respective terms to expire. I honestly can't think of one reason to think things are going to get any better. Remember right after the storm when some people claimed this would all work out for the best because the deadbeats would be weeded out? They couldn't have been more wrong.


Cojones for Oliver the actor is NOT a realizable goal. He'll never do anything unpopular. Oh, he may say unpopular stuff but he doesn't have cojones and is unlikely to grow them at his age.


This conversation is depressing.


I'll take 1) a new bar 45 Tchoup 2) local food served at the Louisiana Superdome 3) the return of the streetcar to uptown 4) the return of St. Bernard Parish 5) the leadership of the community being provided from City Hall 6) properly staffed public education 7) a Memorial to those who died from Katrina on the THREE lots for sale by Latter & Bloom on River Road across from The Corps of Engineers 8) cooperation between Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, & St. Charles Parishes 9) The return of the Dixie Microbrewery 10) The Return of Gentilly - Gentillification


Never. I'll get my own arsenal and organize guerilla warfare against the thugs before I leave. I'll go all Red Dawn on them. I love my city fiercely.


You put the lime in the ccoount and drink the article up.


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