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In fairness to the Philly fans, that is the nitpickiest crew in the NFL. Anytime they officiate a close game, they fans of the losing team are going to complain.

That said, the Philly fans had their whining prepared in advance. I got this from my brother Thursday:

Subject : Ref for Saturday

Not one of my favorites, his crew always call a lot of penalties.

Read some of the comments like:

"The zebras worry me more than the Saints in this game."

"As long as he doesn't take a Katrina tour of the city before kickoff."




Hey, at least we live in a place where it's worth rebuilding our houses.

Plus, we won. heh


I gotta admit, though. I had to see that 4th down replay a couple of times before I could say it was the right call. Seeing a false start penalty called after the result of the play is know looked suspicious to me too.

Daniel Rubin

I thought that was a particularly unwhiney filadelfia newspaper blog. you out to see us whine.

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