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Awsome you are in Onderland!!!!! 88 lbs is awsome. I am 15 weeks out and I have lost 77.5 since sgruery and 91.5 down from my highest weight .I am still about 28lbs down from hitting Onderland so I am excited. You look great keep up the good work.


I wish we could have traded bush last year and pkecid up Tomlinson, but Sproles will do. Now we got to find the right homemade sex tape drama queen to set him up with. What about Spears or Hilton?


I am not defending or condnniog the practice they have been charged with, but the public airing of Bountygate does coincide with former Saints filing suit against the NFL on the concussion issue. This punctures huge holes in their case. They will have to prove they did not receive bounties but are still hurt by the fact that they worked in this environment (I know the 2009-2011 seasons are at issue, but the perception is there).I also can't believe that this is a concept invented by the Saints. And it undermines the hard work of individuals on the O line like Drew Breeze.


Desiree - It was so much fun working with Elizabeth! She is so ptenait and kind with the little ones and not to mention her husband, what a great guy, they both kept my 2 year old entertained and content enough to get an hours worth of photos taken. Which wasn't easy! Her picture quality is amazing and she will take it as many times as she needs to in order to get a great pic. I'm so glad I chose to call Elizabeth and ask for her to take our family pictures, it's the first ones I've done since my son was born and I could't have picked anyone better! I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks so much Elizabeth! God Bless!Desiree Burleson


I met her at the restaurant I worekd at in LA, and what doesn't come across in magazines and pictures is that she's tiny. I remember her having to tiptoe to see over our concierge counter. This was when she was married to Nick. Maybe the rumors about her are due to her tiny frame. If she gets curvy it's much harder to conceal. She was like most celebs that ate there, incredibly real, nice and not rude.


Rhonda Story Thank you so much for your message this mniorng. It surprises me so much that we thank we can live ungodly and expect God's blessing's. He didn't die on the cruel cross for us to keep acting stupid.Every action weather good or bad had a reaction. Thank You Heavenly Father for dying for me.

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