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Mr. Clio

I'm glad we're going to Chicago.

I hope Dennis Hastert is in the stands so he can witness (and be a victim of) the beatdown.


The Seahawks were so inept, but I was praying that they would find a way to win so we could whup them here. Was not to be, so on to Chi town and victory.

Mr. Clio

Also, some bonuses:

1. Both Seattle and Chicago showed how incompetent they can be.

2. They had to play an extra third of a quarter. It was emotional. We'll have 7.5 days rest; they'll have 6.5 days rest.


Mmm, furry toast.


Seattle tried really, really hard not to win that game.

Eventually, they succeeded.

scout prime

Ah the team I love to love against the team we in WI love to hate...good times. Go Saints!


I can't believe you're out of bed already.


I think the Saints match up better with Chicago. From what I hear, Hasselbeck had to play like his benchwarming brother for the Bears to win. Couldn't bring by myself to watch the game because I would have pulled for Chicago out of greater respect for Seattle, and too many of our businesses could have used the business from a home game. Still, if it weren't for local businesses, I'd be happier the way it turned out.


I agree David.

We matchup better with the Bears, no doubt. They are 28th in the league in turnovers, and we will capitalize. Repeatedly.

Also, Sean Payton grew up in Chicago (well, Naperville...the Covington of Chicago), so don't think he won't have them prepared.

I just wanted to go back to visit with my extended family in the dome.

Ray, I was aroused from slumber by my wife at noon. A friend from Chicago called to ask me what the wager would be...

I told him "your soul".

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