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Wow. I just read the thread. I think my husband is right; secession is the only answer.
What a bunch of...I can't even find the word for it.


Secession is our only option.

If this is what the inhabitants of Chicago (a wretched city whose founding could only be made possible by the fact New Orleans existed)think, then our only option is:

Sinn Fein!


What do you expect from a city who's claim to fame is slaughterhouses, Al Capone, and a cow who burned their city down. Chicago has No Class.


Just need a reminder here but...don't we not give a fuck what they think?

karen boudreaux

Look you can't buy class and Chicago is critically low on it.

But you know we have to be the bigger person. We are a gracious and warm people. Feel sorry for them and forget it. We have bigger worries and wasting energy on a terminal case of bad attitude in Chicago is beneath us


I posted this in the comments section of the Chicago article:

To the Bear's faithful defending their right to be complete a*****s to everyone who enters Soldier Field:

You are proving everyone else's premise by accepting the behavior of the worst Bear's fans on game day. You are ruining an excellent reputation your city otherwise has, and you are justifying naysayer's of Chicago with HARD EVIDENCE that the city is callous and full of a******s.

The average fan of New Orleans who came to Chicago for the game was cursed out.

You know what the average fan of an opposing team heard in New Orleans this season?

Thank You.

Posted by: Aaron | Jan 25, 2007 11:46:21 AM


Wow, bud. You nailed it:

"You know what the average fan of an opposing team heard in New Orleans this season?

Thank You."


You figure we'd be used to it by now:

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