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I'd guess Rita doesn't want to be part of his Mayoral Campaign.

You wonder why Ray didn't think of it. He can't run again so electoral politics wouldn't be a factor.


I guess ya'll had your parade spontaneously at the airport.

I will say the parade after the Braves lost the '91 World Series was one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of in my life.

Shame on everyone for denying the citizens of New Orleans this chance to say thanks.



Sophmom, it was just poorly planned...wait, it wasn't planned at all. OT didn't even think of calling the Saints front office first, he just autocratically declared "there will be a parade".


I say, put a convertible (like a 67 Caddy) between each of the Krewe du Vieux floats, and let any and all Saints players and coaches come join us. Since it's a walking parade, it'll be perfect. And it won't cost the city a dime, since we already paid for the permit.

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