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Jeez, that thing is huge. I guess you don't go in for the subtle, quarter-size tat on the ankle thing.


Only if I'm getting a rainbow, butterfly, or unicorn.


Wow! Mucho macho. Looks great!


The fourth picture down is priceless. That was when you were at the "ok, I get it, it sucks, make it stop now" phase.

scout prime


R. Eustis

Nice ink! You should see my brother. Sleeves. Really.

Editor B

Nice. I wanted to get a big old tattoo for my 35th birthday. Now here I am five years later and still ink-free. I need to prioritize.

Chef Who Dat

You considering eye black ink next? Sort of the Who Dat version of the prison tear drop thing. Was talking Saints with an electrician from St. Bernard Parish this afternoon who was putting finishing touches on our almost complete house -- he rolled up his sleeve to show an old school saints logo empty in the middle . . . he's adding starting lineup roster names after we win the Super Bowl.

Good to see you Sat. night.


Ray suggested I get 3 tears: Nagin, Riley, Jordan.

Good to see you, Chef. I particularly enjoyed the "broken beak bisque".

Ed B, what would be a better way to celebrate your birthday?


You bloggers are crazy bastards...


Very, very nice.

Donnie McDaniel

WOW! That is one fine piece of work.


Tres kewl Oh Great Mime!

Did you pre-medicate before walking into the parlor? (I plan to when I get my NOLA Warrior tattoo.)

Mr. Clio

Beauty. But I'm still too chicken to join you.

gentilly rick

nice ink baby boy. makes the 20 year old tiny fleur on my forearm look punk.

after the storm i wanted to get a big louisiana with honre's dont get stuck on stupid quote.

ash wenesday im getting it done.

thanks for the push.


oh my God! you got a tattoo. lol

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Ok - the final piece for game day would be this mask with the same design - although I don't know if you could yell as loud.

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

That was supposed to read

Ok - the final piece for game day would be this mask with the same design as your tatt - the fleur de lis.


Wow. That's, um, an impressive tattoo.


Wow! It only looks a little bit red and sore right after. Don't tell me - la la la la.


Awesome!!! Ok, now I really want another one!


Awesome tat! It's huge!


Who dat! Luverly.

Karl Elvis

NIce Ink, brutha. Now Ray the pusher-man got you started, there's no end to it.

Who did it?


Fantastic! I know your tat artist too, he's a friend of mine's older brother. Good choice on talent!

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