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Go to it, Mary!


It's not too late!

karen b

smartest thing I have heard in a while


So very very true.


Go check out Wet Bank Guide. Cartoon there is priceless and along these lines.

Mr. Clio

Sue, sir!!! Sue!!!


Sue Mary? You kiddin' me, homes?


2 years ago (they are almost inidtecal will need to post a comparison pic soon) and her 1 year pics too, and I was SO excited when mom told me another girl was on the way. More pink to add to their


i was reading the cemtonms backward and i noticed my name in some of the cemtonms.. geez..Angelove.. i don't know what to say to your kind words for me.. *blushes*thank you! your family is such an amazing family and i'm honored to make that video for all of you! thanks! ?


Yes you can use them to write checks get cash etc. BUT it is a huge msaitke!Rip the checks up ASAP they give you 6 months with 0% interest but charge you a fee to cash the check and they know you can't pay it all off in 6 months. They will get thier money from you don't fall into this credit trap!Live debt free! It is a wonderful feeling.

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