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Mr. Clio

Wasn't that mass murderer who was a clown from Chicago??

John Wayne Gacy or something?


Ahh, the Second City's favorite sons...


New Super Saint Video.

Check it out!

(and of course posting is also appreciated).


Lions and Tigers and Bears FANS...oh my.



That SupaSaint has me in stitches.


Oh, come on. No way is Osama a Bears fan.

As Colbert has told us, bears are *godless* killing machines. They eat saints! Osama, on the other hand, is (in his own mind, at least) a *godly* killing machine. Big difference! (/sarcasm)

The Baltimorean in me would like to see Ahmadinejad or al-Zawahiri or some other boogeyman similarly dressed up as a Dolts fan. It's gonna be a loooong week...


"Colts finishing what John Wayne Gacy and Richard Speck started".

Poor taste? Sorry.

federal court cases

The american government is fulfilled at the moment eliminating Osama.


You are joking i take it?I work in cisttrucnoon and 80% of the imigrant workers are not skilled they are what we call chancers.They work for a pitance our people cannot work for these low wages. Most of them are paid cash in hand by small subcontractors who are trying to make a quick buck from them.So if you were serious in your comments you need to open yours eyes a bit and check facts.

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