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As a Braves fan, I gotta root against the Mets, but this is one classy outfit for sure.

Hmmmm, maybe the braves/mets could play some exhibitions down there.


I'm hoping the Mets fans' "Ditch the Black" movement provides some guidance for the Saints and their future choice of leggings.


Does Clotile know that Boudreaux is stepping out on her? And with a male ball too?


I don't know, I kinda like the black on both the Mets and the Saints. It's slimming, and, in the Mets' case, it keeps everyone from looking like NY sanitation workers.

Then again, John Franco's dad was a garbageman, and he wore an orange undershirt with pride, in tribute to Franco, Sr.

But it WAS an undershirt...

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