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scout prime

I can never get 26 videos to play.

Now ya know why we in WI have had that 'hate da bears' thing going on for years

I hope you're doing ok


If you want to crown them (the Bears) go ahead and


I'm just looking ahead.

trying to...


Glad you've resurfaced. PAN needs you, dude. Btw, it looks as if the title of your pre-game post was foreshadowing. It was a pretty pukey game.


I was waiting in the wet at the airport to welcome our team back.

LouLou from Chigo

I think it is a bit unfair to make a trend out of this one picture...I've seen coverage elsewhere on the 'Net, and it seems that both team fans were very gracious to one another (especially amongst the "tailgaters"). There are and always will be insensitive idiots. That, is an "incontournable."


I seem to recall a Saints game in Chicago where the Chicago fans were throwing snowballs at Saints fans.... with a rock in the snowball. One Picture?

karen boudreaux had ABC footage of fans coming out stating they were pretty much assaulted with comments like that thru the entire game.

as Ashley would say...Bears fans are classless fucks


suprised this fella didnt' eat all the glue before he finished this masterpiece.

reason one for not leaving new orleans, continually running into folks like this, and worse, those who mean well, but just don't understand.


"I can never get 26 videos to play."

That's because they use real Player, the stupidest media player ever engineered. I refuse to install it.


Love you Saints...I'm sorry.


The Bears do not know Harriet Woods said: "You can stand tall without standing on someone. You can be a victor without having victims."

Cold City, Cold Heart

Mr. Clio

Glad I didn't make the trip.

I would've shoved that fuzzy bear hat straight up to the guy's pancreas.


You can find what you're looking for in any crowd. Bears fans tend toward the meatball variety, though less so nowadays, since it's gotten too expensive to attend the game (note the lack of misspelling above).

I was there, and all us Bears and Saints fans got along beautifully. Ever been to a Bears-Packers game?

As you should know, Chicago is friendly for its size, but not very sentimental. I'm sorry for any anguish caused by an endemic moron, but ignorance also paints with a broad brush. I hope to see you talk about the the football at some point, where the team has been, and where it's going.


Tacky and boorish. Glad I'm not a bears fan. What asshats


Not just one picture. A friend of mine went to the game, where he overheard a bears fan ask another Saints fan if he'd taken any water in the flood. When the guy replied that his house had taken 10 feet, the Bear fan said "Too bad you didn't drown in it."


Wow, Ashley. That article linked in your update made me cry.


Seymour D. Fair

Either one of those douchebags ever kiss a girl?

The Crapture

To state my opinion of the Bears fan(s) in that picture would be an insult to corn-infested disease-riddled excretions

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