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No, Ashley that's not what I think. But that's what I think the recieved message will be as this march gets plugged into the long narrative of the deterioration of race relations in post-K New Orleans.

I wish the marchers all the luck in the world. I just don't like the way I think it's going to play out.


Alan could whip up a batch of faerie-creoles for the march. His recipe is da' bomb plus it has no trans-fats. God fucking help us all and Helen and Dinero too.

gentilly rick

since i moved into my first apartment in 1980 until now i have never lived in a white or black neighborhood in orleans parish.

i have allways had neighbors from all races.

does such a neighborhood even exists?

hell that's why i left metarie as soon as i was old enough.

this is a new orleans problem not a race problem.

Mr. Clio

Yeah, I'd side with Mr. Gloomy Pants here. I didn't take his post the way you have it. It was a great post because of the quality of the debate it has caused, and I agree with almost everyone who posted in reply.


I've gotta ask, were we better off when Carlos Marcello and his compatriots were running the show? Seems to me that when those cats were paid to protect us, protection is what we got. Yes, they worked 'outside' the law, but isn't the only way to sometimes fight fire with more fire? In another time, informants would not have to go to court, they would let Guido know whodunnit, and the bad guys would disappear. I'm beginning to wonder if that is not the solution to our current state of affairs. Can we get the 82nd Airborne back?


ClarkT, how old are you, if you don't mind my asking? I've been around a while don't recall things being like that.

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