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I think your friend has it all wrong. Nobody who voted for Jefferson is going to bitch about him being reelected. The people who voted for him are the same racist blacks who reelected that failure of a mayor based on his shameless race-baiting. There was just no way those voters were going to vote for a white candidate. These are the same people we can thank for the outrageous crime rate, because they will not convict a black defendant. I had always heard that from friends in the DA's office but never believed it until I served jury duty and witness the jurors's apathy firsthand. On a related note, remember all the time and money the city wasted trying to "desegregate" the Mardi Gras krewes? It seemed harmless enough but it's just further evidence that what really resonates with the voters of New Orleans is lettin them rich soda crackas know who in charge now.


I'm not seeing the DKs wituhot Jello but sorry guys you missed out. They also played Moon Over Marin , my fave DKs song.

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