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Mr. Clio

Damn right you led.

You showed us: we weren't getting killed. We were getting mad.

Scott Harney

"Oh, Tuesday is tattoo day for me. Yep. I'm thinking the place next door to Cooter Brown's, so I can drink heavily before and after...or the place across from Bon Temps, so I can drink heavily before and after."

Don't drink before getting a tattoo. It will make you bleed more and it will hurt more. Ask a tattoo artist, they will tell you its so. Be kind to your artist and don't drink.


Drink afterwards. It doesnt hurt that bad. I'm getting my 4th at Mardi Gras...Electric Ladyland...


Another one joins the club! Gettin a tattoo, not as bad as you think. Waiting for the needle to start its work is worse than the actual needle. I have a lotus on lower back with the cathedral in the center. Not as bad as I thought. Just grit your teeth and do it.


"Oh, Tuesday is tattoo day for me."

You're a little old for that, aren't you?


I was crying too, at the end of that game. OMG - my blood pressure still won't come down.

And let me know how the tattoo goes, because I gotta figure out what I'm doing and where. SaintseesterMAN even said he may join me.


Whodat?! No really, that'd be a great tat, maybe with a fleur de lis in place of the "t," stylized to look "t"-like. I've never seen it, and that's saying something about fleur de lis tats in this city.


Great seeing you after the game with Dillyberto and Lee de Fleur. I was a little too emotional to make any sense, but it was nice saying hello nonetheless.

I agree with Lupica. This is the greatest sports story ever told. The win over the Falcons was the most triumphant moment in the history of American sports; a Saints Superbowl will be the greatest sports story. Period.

As for Barack Hussein O'Bama, he should know the Saints season is no fairy tale. The team is so interwined with the story of the city, which we all know is more like a Dickens novel.


"He said this year's Saints are the GREATEST SPORTS STORY EVER."

Which brings to mind....who plays Sean Payton when the major motion picture of this story is cast?


And no.....Frankie Muniz isn't old enough yet.....


Sure he is. We can age him like Irene Ryan.

I just like the idea of Will Smith playing Will Smith.

OK everybody, I won't "pre-medicate" before the inking.

Aaron, I've decided to just get a plain old FdL.

Yes, Paul, I am too old for this. But there's no better way for me to show allegiance to my city and my team. As if there's a difference between the two at this point...


I love this quote from SI. This TD was such a beautiful moment. The helmetless Deuce carryinga whole team into the end-zone...

"But then McAllister, playing in the first postseason game of his six-year career, took over. After Westbrook's 62-yard run, McAllister finished off a 63-yard drive with a brutally beautiful five-yard touchdown run in which he was hit at the five, the three and then bulled his way through a flock of Eagles for the score. On the bottom of the pile, you could actually see Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter behind pulled, backward, toward the goal line."


Forgot the link...


Ray in in uptown is accompanying me to the inking. Anybody else wanna point and laugh while I suffer?

Mr. Clio

Thanks for pointing that out, Varg. I hadn't noticed Trotter getting punked on the bottom of the pile. Maybe that's why he got faked out of his jock on Deuce's 2nd TD.


My little brother has the water cover tat'd on his forearm - the stars curving around - just the graphic in the middle, not the encircling cover. He got it 4 years ago, and now it's the trendy thing to get tat'd - that and the fact that his tat place used the stencil he created for his tattoo as the model. Great looking tattoo, people from outside the 504 do not understand.


I thought about getting 504 on their somewhere, but that's too gangsta for da goober.

I'm not getting the tears tattooed under my eyes, either.


Didn't see this one before: "It was likely noise from the sellout crowd of 70,001 caused the penalty.",0,4044053.story?coll=all-sportsmorefootball-hed


I like the jersey


How's your arm feel this morning? I'm waiting on those pictures.

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