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check it out.

Where's Nagin?

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Don't forget the New Norkers and the Friscans! They are stupid for living there too! Oh, and EVERYONE WHO LIVES ON THE COAST!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

K, I'm better now.


Well, they clearly ARE idiots for living there. Interesting that when I posted (actually re-posted) this, I didn't get a lot of comments from locals, but got TONS of email from outside of here, including one from my sister in KCMO saying she didn't want to read my "crap" anymore. Funny, they don't see the parallels between our situation here and what COULD happen to them if a real natural disaster hit their city.

I just can't understand why.



Share this bit of info with your sibling...

"The St. Louis Geologic fault is exposed along the bluffs and was the source of several historic minor earthquakes; it is part of the St. Louis Anticline which has some petroleum and natural gas deposits outside of the city. St. Louis is also just north of the New Madrid Seismic Zone which in 1811-12 produced a series of earthquakes that are the largest known in the contiguous United States. Seismologists estimate 90% probability of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake by 2040 and 7-10% probability of a magnitude 8.0 [2], such tremors could create significant damage across a large region of the central U.S. including St. Louis."

From Wikipidia...


See, that's the thing. The only reason that it's feasible for them to live there in the fucking snow is that we live down here pumping natural gas to them.

If we all skipped town and shut off the gas, then they wouldn't be able to live there either. They'd probably have to move down here where it's warm.


And when the snow melts, where does it all go? Right by my house of course.


I think that movement may be gaining steam. When you say turn the "pipeline" off, you're right on.

there are two pipes running into Port Fourchon which carry close to 30% of the countries energy supply. We shut those off and gas prices jump 1.40 the next day

If Iraq fell off the face of the earth tomorrow it would not effect energy prices as much.

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