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Hope you don't mind a (half) cajun crashing the fais do-do when it comes time to celebrate the timely demise.


Add this transplanted yankee to the fais do-do! May Mr. R. choke to death on a ham sandwich.


I think judyb means a ham po-boy. mmm. po-boys...

gentilly rick

amen brah. if it's a potluck email my creole/cherokee/ honkee ass and i will bring a two gallon pot of your choice.

as a new orleanian cook of mixed blood that guy pissed me off on so many levels post -k

i never would have gave a rats ass before but now that we actually need america to help us become whole again its fucking personal.


How about roasting the shithead over an open fire of copies of GQ and faerie dust? The story has a life of its own now, sucka.


No no, you don't roast OVER the fire, you get a nice wire grate spit set up vertically about a foot away from the fire that you turn on it's axis for a few hours. You put it OVER the fire and you'll set the cracklin on fire, we wouldn't want to waste that.


Maybe GQ can be convinced to send Richman on assignment to Iraq...

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