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Dollar Bill again! You keep hearing that people want to bring back old New Orleans, but this just sucks!

I have absolutely no faith that the Democrats will do anything at all this session of Congress, other than posture themselves to get Hillary elected president.

You keep telling us that it's up to us, Ashley, and surely it is.




That is just bad. Bad in a bad way. Any chance that a criminal conviction could happen? At least that would get him out of there.


What ever happened to satellite links so people like Jefferson, who used the excuse that he had to be in Washington to vote on the revenue-sharing bill, can still engage in debates. It was completely pathetic that WWL let Jefferson squirm out of a debate, and Carter should have been more aggressive getting him to debate.


Schroeder, it was Carter's decision. Jefferson offered to do a satellite/phone link, and Carter refused.


It was a huge mistake not to do the satellite/phone link.


Carter had a lot of "black" radio commercials that referred to the Hummer diversion to Bill's house.


Damn, really? I only listen to WWOZ, so I wouldn't know.


here is a whole site dedicated to William Jefferson Watching. Lets blog the hell out of this stuff in the runoff between Carter and the Boy Harry Lee is pulling for. What his hame? sheridan or something like that?

Go here and scroll down a little.

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