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Great post. I think naysayers who say there's no point in rebuilding New Orleans say that not because they really believe it, but because it is an easy way to excuse themselves for not engaging in or contributing to the rebuilding effort. Rebuilding New Orleans will take time and lots of money, and it is worth it. Well worth it. But for those that don't want to partake in the rebuilding, I wish they would just go away and stop making excuses for their own selfishness.


I am always stunned by this "do-not-rebuild" N.O. sentiment. Congress spent more on the "Big Dig" in Boston than it will ever spend to restore the LA. wetlands; more to restore the Florida Everglades than it will spend to re-build the levee system around N. O. There is something inexplicable and far more sinister to this attitude than we dare to believe.

Donnie McDaniel

I have said since the storms, that we should shut off the pipelines and watch them scream like a school yard girl with a skinned knee!

Then ask the rest of the country if we have their undivided attention now. Just too bad that our leaders here don't have the balls to do it.


Give it to 'em and blockade the port already! A standoff with the Guard will make prime time.


There is only one reason they should rebuild New Orleans. WE ARE AMERICANS! I don't think we have to say anything else. That being said, it is great to know we hold leverage to use in our defense. Who would have ever thought 16 months later we would STILL be having to argue for our right to exist? When did things become so warped in this country?


It's bullshit and they're the same idiot assholes who put the criminals in power in Washington, and made this financial and international mess.

Way back in the beginning of the aftermath, George Will suggested on "This Week" that NOLA shouldn't be rebuilt and Donna Brazille just laughed out loud, saying, "I know those people and they'll rebuild it with their own hands if they have to."

As for SFO, I could be wrong about this, but I recall that it was not only rebuilt but to original specs, which explains why it looks like an old city when in fact most of it is newer than Atlanta (which was also burned to the ground not so long ago).



Once again, you've outdone yourself! Thank you

Mr. Clio


P.S. The only reason I don't bid on the black helmet on ebay is because you said you're already doing it. If you get it, at least let me touch it.

karen boudreaux

I live out of state for the time being. The most posed question I get is, Why would you go back home? and Why would they rebuild what will surely be destoyed again?

My answer is imagine your home being detroyed, would you rebuild.

I get silence and I walk off with a grin

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