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Ashley, if they won't provide laptops then perhaps we can find our own way. If you can identify a teacher or classroom that can benefit from a laptop or two, I will help you raise money for it. I will personally pledge at least $100. We can get a basic Dell for less than &700. When we have a contact down there, I will take it to my kids school and see what we can do.


Callousness. Just callousness.


Wow....that reply was simply ignorant, in every sense of the word. He obviously has no concept of what happened in NOLA....


New Orleans is a manmade disaster too. Army Corps of Engineers. If I'm not mistaken, the U.S. military for both of those events.


That's exactly what I posted there, Aaron. That will probably be deleted, as well.

The fellow that responded is in Buenos Aries. Maybe he's been watching Fox News Argentina.

And seester, I have grand designs, but to do anything like this we need to be very well organized. I'm working on it.


Ignorance is a constant. Lackwit.


Ashley, anything I can do to help - I will gladly.

Donnie McDaniel

Ashley, if you get something started for donations on the laptops, let me know. I will spread the word. That asshat needs a boot to the ass for that reply!!!!!!!!

Manmade? Fuckin' pricks!

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