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Bastards. Several big insurance companies are also considering dropping everyone in LA south of I-10. Bastards.


You know Congress meddles in a lot of stupid things (such as looking into the NFL Channel's desire to broadcast games) - but this is one area where they could actually step in and be helpful.

Mr. Clio

Sinn Fein is right.

We don't need to kill them. I want to make them suffer. When we're a balmy, successful, world class city, it'll hurt them worse to watch us succeed.

Mark Folse

Freeze a Yankee, drive seventy-five and freeze ‘em alive
Freeze a Yankee, let your thermostat rise and give ‘em a surprise
Governor Briscoe promised us that if any damn Yankee a fuss
We’d turn off the gas, cut off the oil and let ‘em all freeze and boil

gentilly rick

dang brah. my wife is going home to minniapolis to see her 82 year old mother for the holidays. any chance of you giving me a mulligan on this one untill 07?


Rick, you get a mulligan as long as the football season lasts. That oughta cover it. ;^)

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