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ashley Morris

Feel free to give some to Jones. And any of the tight ends.

gentilly rick

friggin awesome cuz.

im on a self impossed saints boycott untill after the first week of playoffs so i dont have a friggin' hawtattack from anxiety.

that was a much welcome repast from the self impossed fast.

p.s. congrats on the 11-5 pick. there was no way in hell i could have seen this season comming. happy new years to you and yours big man.

ashley Morris

Thanks, Rick. Your comments are one of the things that keep me writing this crap.

If we hit 11-5, I'm going to work for the NOPD part time as a psychotic.

I meant psychic.


Brrrrr...stick'um. I liked the evolution of stick'um from Fred Biletnikoff at WR to Lester Hayes at CB. Hayes used to cover his sleeves and uniform with the stuff.

OT: YouTube has the original version of 'The Saints are Coming' from The Skids.

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