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Good idea, Ash. Let's start with the thousands of Houstonians who showed up at the Astrodome and other shelters with thousands of boxes of diapers, formula, bottles, clothes, and food for people who had literally nothing.

Those f*&kers.


Wow. I not only titled this thing "a modest proposal", but I had a link to Swift's original piece and the Wikipedia article explaining it. The last paragraph is even lifted from Swift's satire.

I thought maybe that would help everybody "get it".

Guess not...

karen boudreaux

In the tradition of "fuck you you fucking fucks" I love it...lmao


> I thought maybe that would
> help everybody "get it".

I still don't get it.

Swift was arguing an extreme extrapolation of a viewpoint to mock the viewpoint. You're arguing an extreme of anti-Texan-ness to mock...what exactly? Your own previous anti-Texas posts? Surely not!

Scolding Dickerson for not having made a meal of her former neighbors --- now that would have been worth a link to Swift.


Well, I'm mocking Dickerson's bigotry and Pruett's armed-to-the-teeth viewpoint.

Me, well I'm past that:

And stop calling me surely.

And more importantly, stay warm.

Jon Swift

Who is Jonathan Swift and why does he want to shoot so many people?


And where are the suspects and victims supposed to go? Bolivia? They. Have. No. Home. Their homes are gone. They were shipped to cities all over the country. Their families are scattered. All of these things are good for the heart and soul. All you are saying is that a few people (or all Texans) should be mowed down. What's wrong with that? Especially given the spirit of the season.


I hear Texans are delicious so long as you start them boiling with a good roux.


You're right Ash, I don't get it. Are you satirizing people who simmer with rage at Texans' less-charitable responses to the Katrina diaspora?

Sounds more like you ARE one of those people.


No, Will, as your first comment shows, you don't get it...


I haven't read her Houston thing, but I read one of her books not too long ago, in which she hits the nail on the head on a lot of things -- and hits everyone equally. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a sequel to what you read that drags the Houstonians over the hot coals.


hey. it's me. i'm back. so i read her article; and it fits with what i know of her style. I think she equally lays blame, like on the fact that our society were the ones who abandoned them from the get go.

[quote: "However many begrudged millions we pour into the welfare system, the fact is that we abandoned these folks at birth and they know it. We shower them with Winnie the Pooh Band-Aids when they need heart transplants and, like Houston, we just wait to see which will drag themselves to success, which we'll dump elsewhere, which we'll bury, and which we'll incarcerate. The poor will always be with us but I'm glad the Smiths are gone. My heart breaks for them, but also for their new neighbors."]

She writes from the nexus of her internal & external world. And I doubt most Houstonians were still on her side when she faults them for neglecting their fellow citizens.

ok i'm going to bed b4 you start a-yellin' at me. :-) lol


Damn, I like your style, Ashley. Keep it comin'.


I got it, babe. Hilarious.

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