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Jeez, I leave town for 3 days and I miss another carpetblogger extravaganza. Sounds like he's a good egg, at least.


Thanks for the video, Ashley, and you're right about those not zeros sticking with you, right along with the little roof holes. Good that Tim found you guys.


Hey, thanks for the good vboartiins. Keep them coming. My brother hasn't called which I'm hoping means that all of his friends are alright. I was over at a friend's last night for pre-Thanksgiving food and drink, so that kept my mind off the whole tragedy for a while. And then I came home and cried a bit on D's shoulders. I'm not a Hindu fanatic or an overly patriotic/territorial person, but this is just too much for someone of Indian heritage to bear. And I have no idea what India can do from here but conduct all-out war, which has never ever solved a damned thing.Will pop over some time this weekend for some card play or good, ol'-fashioned hanging out with the kittems.

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