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There were empty seats in the arena here too. Fuck Shinn. He was here under false pretenses in the first place. Do we really have to keep kissing his ass until he leaves?


We're getting answers on this tonight at 9 on ABC26 News on The New Orleans CW.

But... the team wore "New Orleans" jerseys when they played the Rockets here Sunday night, and that's not even the jersey they should have been wearing, according to what the Hornets told us.

The "Oklahoma City" jerseys are special, but bottom line, the team now has 3 different designs, and the official home jerseys do not have a trace of New Orleans on them.

Just tune in to Cox channel 13, 7 on the Northshore at 9 O'clock and we'll make it clear as mud.


Ian...the Hornets will say that the tiny Hornet mascot has "new orleans" on his chest...either that, or they'll wear an infitesmal "NOLA" patch on the jerseys that have OKLAHOMA CITY in 8 inch text.

He's committed.

To milking all the money he can out of both cities.

Then come the Sonics to OKC, and the Hornets move somewhere...

ashley I know why I don't watch ABC26.

The Hornets brass said that they will wear "HORNETS" jerseys at home, "NEW ORLEANS" jerseys on the road, and "OKLAHOMA CITY" jerseys for 3 "special occasions", such as the OKC opening night.

I say they wear the "NEW ORLEANS" jerseys for the 6 games in NOLA, just for Solidarność.


I don't know who's zoomin who, but the NOKC Hornets will be damn entertaining to watch this year.


Hey, we're undefeated! So is OKC.

You know, I just hate Shinn more than I like the Hornets. I'm passionate about the Saints, but the Hornets are just the team in the Arena. I'd like for them to win, but don't expect me to ever, EVER wear "teal".

Oh, and Shinn could have bought the "Jazz" name from Utah, but he was too cheap. Get used to it.


I agree with Ashley. I just can't bring myself to invest anything in a team that we all know is looking for the first bus out of town.

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