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I don't think anyone is listening.


For the record, here's a quote from a TP story in September:

Bills to help Katrina-stricken Gulf Coast residents by streamlining the insurance-claims process, making more affordable housing available, restoring coastal wetlands and giving states a bigger share of royalties on oil and gas produced off their coastlines will be among the first measures to be proposed if the Democrats take control of Congress in the November elections, members of that party's House caucus said Wednesday in New Orleans.

"Within the first 100 hours of the new Congress, you will see those things introduced," Caucus Chairman James Clyburn of South Carolina said at a news conference.
The briefing came at the end of a three-day trip that 25 House Democrats -- including their leader, Nancy Pelosi of California -- made at their own expense on the first anniversary of Katrina's assault to inspect the damage the storm inflicted on Louisiana and Mississippi.

"We were on hallowed ground, where people have lost their homes and their hearts," Pelosi said at a caucus breakfast. "This visit has convinced us that we need to do more."


ashley Morris

I know, Mr. Bivalve. My question is, why the hell can't I find that on their list???


They will deliver, and if they don't, they're just Repugs in donkey suits.


I've written a note to Bud Cramer (our rep) reminding him that LA is significant segment of these united states. We'll see what he responds with.


Here's an idea for you. . .

In the face of the predictions of what the weather is going to be in the years to come, of the staggering incompetence of the government at all levels and huge costs involved, it is the height of stupidity to rebuild that city. It would be far cheaper to walk away from any part of that town that saw more than a few inches of water during Katrina.

This is an unparalleled chance to fix a problem that will cost us trillions in the future unless we think smart today. The houses are gone and most of the land is too polluted to build on without extensive rehab. Cut the owners a check, knock down the levees and walk away. Concentrate your resources on the seaport and the areas that didn't flood during the hurricane. This should be the standard along the entire coast of this country.

Stay if you like, but do it on your own dime. That includes jacking my insurance to pay for your stupidity. Stay at your own risk, NOT MINE.


Hey fuckmook, where will your gas and seafood come from? Did you abandon NYC after 9/11? Fuck off and die, and I mean that literally.

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