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That cheered me up. Yesterday, I was moping around, when my husband saidm, "Hey even the good teams lose games like that." What do you mean? Even the good teams. He is not worthy. That is why we don't bring him to games.


Lash him. Make him sit in the corner.

"even the good teams". I wouldn't bring him here either.

gentilly rick

this season is sweet brah. ive allready made my preseason pick of 6 wins so it's all gravy from here.

i believe in sticking to your pick and not going all bandwagon. that being said i was wrong! 10 easy in the win cat.

the only thing that would have been sweeter would have been tampa beating jake and the boys last night.

i got a feeling new years eve is gonna be atlaanta opening night all over again.

stay healthy colston and brees and big hollis. its gonna be a hell of a fun ride.


Man, I've never rooted harder for the Bucs than I did last night. I think that would have sealed the playoffs. Now, well, we just gotta wait.

I picked 11-5 pre season, so I'm either going to look like a putz or a psychic.

What a ride, but I hope I can handle these damned nailbiters until January.

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