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karen boudreaux



Don't listen to this Richman podcast. "New Orleans shouldn't exist."


He's obviously senile. Look at the photo. Fuck his GQ ass.


He kinda looks like a slightly retarded, moustachioed Johnny Sack.

And Bigshot, I didn't want to link to that podcast and have him tell me about "Louisa's" by the tracks.

Everybody, make sure you look at Robert Peyton's post and comments. He covers it well.


Here's something I posted on the GQ forums:


Mr. Richman's article about New Orleans and her food was unduly antagonistic. Perhaps Mr. Nagin was correct with his "hole in the ground" analogy. To state that New Orleans should not be rebuilt is the height of both arrogance and ignorance by a man that is evidently incapable of either compassion or good taste.

Also, perhaps you could find a page, an intern, or better yet a "handler" for Mr. Richman, to instruct him on: the proper preparation of trout meunière; the fact that Louisiana speckled trout can indeed weigh fifteen pounds; the fact that Leah Chase, Beyonce, Don Vappie, and Bryant Gumbel are all Creole; and finally, the fact that New Orleans and the Louisiana coast are responsible for most of the oil and seafood that you all seem to love so much.

I can't take this man's opinion about anything seriously when he complains about the oysters that he ordered in July...

He is now as irrelevant as his opinions on food.

New Orleans must be rebuilt, and I say the levees should be armored with Richman's skull as a start.

Thank you for your time.


Can you say douchebag?

I know I can


I voted for you to keep saying it.


I'm fond of the term "fucknuckle", myself.

Alan Richman is an ignorant fucknuckle.


Calling Richmond "douchebag" is an douchebags.

G Bitch

And you better stop insulting the real fuckmooks.


here are some handy dandy gq e mails have at it

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Mr. Clio

He looks like the kind of guy who enjoys trips to the proctologist.


As a (French) Creole myself, I say WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!


What: Dinner, Monte Cristo Sandwich. Also had some beignets from my frdenis.Price_of_Entrees: $17.99 plus tax and tipBe Sure To Try: Monte Cristo, unless you are watching your cholesterol or a very strict diet.The beignets. While you can now get at the Mint Julep bar, here they come with berry syrup and icing to dip in!General Tips: If you can, make reservations. It's a fairly small restaurant and long lines for seating are always present. I went with frdenis during what's normally off season in the late evening w/o reservation, and we still waited at least half an hour.Extra Comments: Unless you're a huge eater, the Monte Cristo can be split between two people. Nevertheless, I recommend walking a few laps around the park to compensate the sandwich.


april - WOW, you guys these pictures are so idcienrble I can smell the beignets and cafe au lait just looking at these!Haven't had the opportunity to visit this city in-person yet, but totally happy I got to travel to NOLA via One Love Photos.


:) I'd heard great things about them berofe but it wasn't until hearing them speak at Partner Con that I came home and signed up as an early Christmas Gift to myself to go learn from them and soak


re: too many songshey, so glad this is back up seems to be going shmrwoeee. glad to hear that things seem to be going has been years since i read through futon' but i remember noticing all of the music references. i dont know how i would feel about it now but i distinctly remember really liking it in my first read through. to me, it made it obvious that this was a story you really cared about. its not some generic smattering of current pop or classics. it is clearly a collection of songs you actually like. it was cool to see you nerd out really put some personality in the story.anyway. keep it real or something.


Thanks for the kind words Sean, I've had a taste for some Fried Chicken this week also, I need to whip some up soon. Glad you found the recipe hulfpel, I will have to revisit the 4 Tbsp of salt, now that you mention it, it does sound like a heck of a lot. It maybe a typo.

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