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Santiago Lyon, AP's director of phhgotrapoy. When we just see them carrying things down the road, we call it carrying items. Lyon said the photographer who took Tuesday's photo, Dave Martin, had seen the man go into the store and take out the items.andAs for the other photo, Getty said it stood by its caption and its photographer, Chris Graythen, who says the subjects of his photo were simply picking up items floating by in the dank waters.And Graythen, frustrated by the controversy, wrote an emotional response on a photojournalism Web site, These people were not ducking into a store and busting down windows to get electronics, he wrote. They picked up bread and cokes that were floating in the water. They would have floated away anyhow. The captions, it seems, reflects what the photographers actually saw.


DavidOur home was far from a river or creek so we, like most of the residents in Des Moines, did not eeripxence a flooded home but the loss of running water was very wearing on our nerves. Even so for most of the ordeal, the community spirit prevailed and we all tried to be patient and helpful to those worse off. The Chief of our Water Works, L D McMullan, is a local hero and a legend in water treatment circles. He was magnificent and worked a miracle to get the whole problem solved in a mere 12 days. Yes, the Water Works is much better protected now although it's still on the river (cause that's where the water is!) with much higher berms and flood control measures. Also, the downtown area is much better protected with flood gates, etc. It should never happen again but you never know. I sure wouldn't want to be on the clean-up committee for New Orleans. That water is nothing but raw sewage now and it will be standing in the heat for quite some time. What a nightmare. I understand the refugees in the Super Dome are going to be evacuated to Houston's Astro Dome. A lot of those people are elderly and frail. It seems an unimaginable predicament no place in there own city can accommodate those poor people.This situation reminds me of Bangledesh.


Well, I did survive the dedraed floods of '93. Our city of 250,000 population went 12 days without city water after the water works was flooded one dark and stormy July Saturday night. The National Guard and lots of nice civilian volunteers saw to it that we all got as much water as we could carry away from the water stations. We used tea kettles to bathe for that loooong 12 days.


seela subhadra dehmvaalatii gaaru 1968-69 lo ap saahitya ekaadami tarupuna raamalakshmigaaru aandhra rachayitrula soochika vesaarani telipaaru,adi ekkadainaa dorikE avakaasam undaa? nEnu vijajanagaram M.R.mahilaa kaalEj lOnE 69-72 lO chadivaanu.meeru konta kaalam akkada pani chesaarani cheptE aanandam kaligindi


not a character out of Orwell's books. To me lack of awnaeress of mental health problems and medical malpractices are bigger issues than materialism. Depression among pregnant woman is more common thing than you think. Staying at home and doing nothing just compounds it. I can list a few things one can do if they are forced to stay at home. She can read, learn new things, watch new movies, help out somebody or just teach street children. Not willing to do anything to change her present situation is a sign of depression and she needs help.


Feb22 OMG! Cool. Id love to read those too, if only to know how men really think, and then some. VS dont turn men on? Really? im soooo reieevld!


I was prepping for my last few days in worinkg in the Federal Gov't. I was on edge already because a dear frined of mine, who is originally fron New Orleans, still had family there. They were residents of the ninth ward. When the hurricane touched down, I called her every so often t make sure she was okay. Even though she was living in Atlanta at the time, I know she was worried about her father, uncle, and some cousins. I called her to see if she recieved any word from her dad.At the time, her family was fine. They were one of the many families that decided to weigh out the storm. They were troopers.Then.. the levees broke.I kept in touch with my friend. At one point she had heard from her father. He was headed to the superdome. After that conversation, it would have been a mere two to three weeks when she would hear from ehr father again.I felt bad. I worried for my friend. I wanted to be in Atlanta comforting her. There wasn't much I could do being in DC. Well, there were two things I did. 1) By the second week, her worry was turning into a mournful sadness. She didn't know if her family was dead or alive. She was tempted to jump in her her truck and drive to New Orleans, but she knew that wouldn't do much good if the city was flooded and in a civil unrest like it was. She was a bit low on funds and I wired her money. I wired her more than what she was expecting and told her to treat herself to the gospel concert she wanted to attend at the time. I wanted to help her shift her mind to some rejuvenation as much as possible. Even if it was only for an hour.The second thing I wanted to do.. when I heard that some of the victims were going to be flown into DC and housed at the DC Amory, I had planned to run to my father, a retiree of the DC National Gaurd, to see if he could use his contacts to help me locate my friend's family in case they made it here.Thankfully, just before I was setting the wheels in motion to do so, my friend called me. He's Safe! Her father and his wife had made it to Arkansas. However, her cousins and (I think) uncle were in Dallas.Needless to say, when she was able to return home.. her phsycial home was gone. Nothing was left. Yet, like so many other residents, she is still proud and edidcated to calling New Orleans her home.Currently she is living in Miami and still returns home for Mardi Gras and other festivals. Her family stayed in Arkansas.


I was huddled up with my 2 year old and a storm TV/radio combo in the masetr bedroom closet of my Cordova, TN home. At the time I was a few months pregnant with twins and my husband had just began his job in Atlanta at GA State. I was scared.When the wind and rain cleared, my home was the only one on my street not damaged. We did not suffer power loss but I could not reach my mother, dad, aunts and uncles who lived less than 3 hours away in MS. I could not reach my cousin who lived in Hattiesburg, MS.A day after the storm, with baby in tow, I drove to my mother's house to find no electricity. Since she is a nurse she was staying at the local hospital to help those suffering from the storm.While New Orleans have become the face of Katrina, many other areas were severely damaged. ALL of them are still in need of our prayers and resources.Thanks for posting this Shelia!


Hi Lesly, you can definitely weigh in no maettr where you live. I agree, governments get so caught up in power and greed that lives are expendable to them. We see it so often. I don't expect the gov't to do everything but in times of natural disasters, they are the ones who have the resources to do what's necessary.June and Shan, You both make good points about fear and denial. But don't get me started on how I don't totally disbelieve the 9/11 conspiracy theorists about how that was engineered by the US gov't in order to control us by our fears of terrorism!Nice to hear from you Shan, How's it going?


Thanks Sherry for all the great photos, Brad is TOTALLY A HAPPY MAN.Brad knows how to give a good ievirtenw although he appears shy,it appears because he is doing something that he highly favors it makes him be able to talk with so much joy.I am a great admirer and a fan of he and Angelina. I APPLAUD THEM FOR THEIR GREAT HUMANITARIAN WORK AS WELL AS ACTING CAREERS, IT IS CLEAR WHAT THEY TRULY LOVE.WOW!!Brad and Angelina is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC MAY THEY BE FOREVER BLESSED.


Excellent! I met Miss Julia on my last trip to the Lower Ninth. Her home was built by Barker Homes and she is still looking for coioletmpn funds. (As of mid April, '08.) If anyone cares to donate you can contact Carol Barker Logreco at Barker homes. I met Carol as well and she's very nice. She's been helping Miss Juliette through the Process of rebuilding.


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I can understand being a ltilte disappointed, but you don't even know if your dad has screwed up so there's no point in worrying about it now. Every answer on here has had a point, and by the way you reject all of them it's obvious you're not really looking for answers, you're looking for a way to rant and whine even thought you say you're not. What you get for Christmas shouldn't make or break your holiday season. Sure anyone would be upset, but you have to learn to move on and enjoy being with your family, having some good food and watching others open their presents Merry Christmas


This looks so welcoming in the hurnded degree heat! Bing cherries are my favorite kinds of cherries.I wonder about your reference to Martha Stewart, Joey Russo and James Brown. Not sure how they would get along stuck in an elevator together-Ha! Hope your are having a wonderful weekend.


Tom infers that blame bglnoes on local sponsors that cut the grass on the C.O.E. designed and built levees. I suggest to him that when Louisiana residents send their hard earned tax dollars to washington they expect as does every American to receive what they pay for. If the rest of the country is not interested in returning our tax dollars as required then don't accept them. We will gladly keep our tax dollars here and take care of our own problems without federal oversight and corruption. Louisiana has the #1 port system in the world, supplies fully 1/3 of the nations energy supply, is one of the nations largest seafood producer, and #1 football team in the nation LSU. This nation went to France to purchase NEW ORLEANS because of it's national importance. The rest was lagnaippe.


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Actually i do own a K6 Suzuki gsxr 750 thankyou very much and i own a 2004 BMW M3.. i just find it funny that poeple are sad enough to reply with such anger on here its really humorus i have nothing against the supra or a Ferrari all i know is that the reliability of the Supra diminishes once its heavily tuned, it happens with most cars however if driven correctly the reliability could go on forever But MOST supra drivers drive like idiots, as do BMW drivers

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