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I don't know why the fans were so mad at Ron Mexico. He hit all the receivers, they just dropped the ball.


Varg, one of the articles in the Atlanta paper (AJC.COM) talked about how Vick was supposedly "defending his teammates" by shooting the bird.

Those receivers are bad, aren't they?





I am looking forward to the NFL monopoly on games and the league.

Why must we be subjected to this cry-baby media of ESPN, FOX, and CBS?

The story all week has either been poor Eli Manning or repentant Vick.

This is not what we as fans expect of the media.

I know Saints fans want to hear about Drew's record setting pace for yards passing.

I know Titans fans want to hear about Vince Young's breakout performance.

These screwball, stripmall media outlets need to focus on the good, the outstanding play of hard working players.

We DON'T want to hear about idiots without class.

We do want to hear about role models for our kids like Drew, like Deuce, like Freddie Mac,

NUTS to the media, I say

Sean Salisbury is a washed up fool.

Trey Wingo is an Enquirer classified ad writer.

Merrill Hoge, well, it the concussion, you see.


Amen, Dilly.

I needed to get jerseys for the kids. Since I'd have to get a second mortgage to get personalized Freddie Mac or Gleason jerseys, I got Brees.

Brees, the everyman, the Joe Montana of today, has character. THIS is the guy I want my kids to look up to.


By what measure do the Falcons have more talent than the Saints? I can't think of a single measure that would suggest that Vick is a more talented QB than Brees, for sure.

That Vick is faster than Brees is about as relevant as Sean Payton being faster than Jim Mora. Vick's supposed to be QB. How fast is Tom Brady?


Vick is the more talented athlete. But too bad this isn't the battle of the network stars. Brees is the guy I would rather have QBing my team than anybody, Peyton included.


Yeah, with the way Drew Brees has been throwing the last 6 games, I'm not convinced Vick is the more talented QB either.

Brees is easily on track for starting Pro Bowl QB, if not league MVP. Vick runs really fast.

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