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Everyone, not just the GOP, shares the blame in that:

Posse Commitatus Act:
The states have rights and the federal government and especially the military can't just come in and take care of business. Once that line is crossed there is risk to stomping on the states rights so it must be requested and controlled by the state.


What I was trying to state simply, that I evidently wasn't very good at, is that if the Federal Administration had done what is depicted in the video, they wouldn't be looking at the electoral losses that they will encounter today.

And Blanco declared an emergency and begged for help. Bush couldn't be bothered to come back early from his month long vacation.


Yeah Beth, I'm gonna go ahead and step one step farther than Ashley and just say you're wrong. GOP administration, GOP house and GOP senate were at the helm when Katrina went down, and have had power since 1994, and they were the decisionmakers when NOTHING F'IN HAPPENED from the feds down here. I guess you weren't listening to NPR when the correspondent had to tell Cherthoff there were people at the Convention Center and Cherthoff told him he was mistaken. You screw up when you're in power on the magnitude of Katrina and many other large magnitudes, you are the one responsible.

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