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Great post. I'm here in Boston and tell people all the time that blaming the flooding in New Orleans on the hurricane is like blaming gravity for the Big Dig collapse. Both had more to do with negligent engineering than Mother Nature, but because the media frames the flooding differently from the Big Dig collapse, it's hard to get anybody to act.

Anyway, thanks for the link to Pelosi's site. I will send her a note.

Alan Gutierrez


Thank you for making our case in Boston.

Does it have something to do with the fact that a single death is easier to grasp than 2,000 deaths? Maybe, it make it easier to think, that coulda been me.


That's a big part of it, Alan. White America can sympathize with the Big Dig accident because we all drive through tunnels or over bridges (or go to work in highrise office towers), but most of America saw Katrina merely as something that affected poor, black people. Thus, though they feel sympathy, they don't feel urgency to make whole those who were wronged by the failure of their government.


Thanks for the link, Ashley. Sent Mz Pelosi a little note.


Looks like Michael Stone is trying to destroy your call-to-arms:

ashley Morris

To quote Father Jack: "FECK!"

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