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I won't be able to make the party, but best wishes to you.



Have a great bday!!!


How about a greatest hits post summarizing your assessments of Payton's offseaon personnell moves?

heh heh.


The only move I really couldn't figure out was releasing Freddie Mac. I still don't think that Copper is an upgrade, and I think he'll be called back if somebody gets hurt.

McPherson is on the IR, so I get a pass on that one.

I happily admit defeat in that the linebackers and the O-line are much better than I had given them credit for. Much. Same with the secondary, although I think McKenzie has some smoke and mirrors hidden in his dreads.


Morrisova - classic and technically correct. Right now, I'm conflicted - should I play kickball against the Tulane Environmental Law Journal, help Alexis (Loki's fiancee) with her wedding prep, go to your party or pull my sheets over head and nap?


Well, hopefully Loki will be at the party WITH Alexis, so your choice will be automatic.


The O-line's performance has been nothing short of miraculous. What was all that crap we heard for two years about Stinchcomb being a bust? They deserve a lot of credit.

I'm still not sold on the linebackers. They're usually in postition to make plays.. but they don't overwhelm anybody.. and then there's the occasional ridiculous missed tackle. But the whole team is well coached and I think that these guys are rarely put in situations where they can look too too bad. I just wish they had one real impact player there.


Me too, but evidently, we blew all of our LB karma with the Dome Patrol, and it ain't coming back until another draft.

Oh, and I love that Jonathan Sullivan got released by the Patriots without ever suiting up.


Sister city NO, we in Chicago share the rapture, unto da blessed, da Bearsss...woof!

ashley, do you not divide your football heart even a shard? I 4 Saints keep a ventricle.



SInce Sweetness died, no.

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