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Mr. Clio

Dude, you (and the perfect weather) have just set me up for a perfect weekend.

This video is emboldening (if that's a word).

Imagination + digitization = an indictment and a better future

Renegade Seismology

I haven't cried that much in a long time. How low have we fallen?


President the Edge sounds pretty good to me.


WOW! Thanks Ashley. Fabulous piece, thanks for posting it. But here I am crying again. GEEZ!


Just think: if the administration had actually done that, the entire attitude in New Orleans and the rest of the world would be different.

But that would mean W would have had to leave his month-long vacation a day or two early.


damn, thats how it should have been.....


thank for posting the video. I loved it and cried at the same time.


thank for posting the video I'm putting it on my web page. I loved it and cried at the same time. My husband is in Iraq, he begged to be deployed to New Orleans when Katrina hit but they told him to prepare to deploy to Iraq.

I can't tell you how many soldier wanted to respond to the need in New Orleans.


That's unbelievable - of course that's how it should have happened, instead of a fly-by of Air Force One three days after the fact. That gets the anger at this administration all boiling up again.


Incredible. Thank you.

Mr. Melpomene

Very Good. Glad you found this

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