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I kind of don't mind the chevy commercial, but only because it's one of the few times anyone on a national stage has said that what happened to New Orleans, happened to America.


God I hate that commercial!


The commercial is pretty bad and so is the song. Maybe he should start calling himself John Cougar Nincompoop for his participation in this exploitation.

Mr. Clio

I kind of with bigshot. Atleast it shows America's warts.

Of course, chevy's are some of America's warts too. Maybe it makes sense.

Mr. Clio

Also, I've believed since I was 17 years old that "Little Pink Houses" should be the national anthem.

Yes, I 'm a goober.


I always thought "Louie Louie" should be the national anthem, but I'm kind of a traditionalist.


I notice that no one is touching the Harry Lee comment...


I just saw the Chevy ad for the first time. No wonder you're pissed.

"Man, what happened to when it was easy: the Republicans were the party of fiscal responsibility, and the Democrats were the party of social programs. "

Yeah, what the hell did happen to that.

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