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That's f*cking awesome! GO SAINTS! I will be wearing my #26 jersey tomorrow, drinking way too much, and being way too loud as I cheer for MY NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! Kick ass!


Dat was beautiful. Now I got even more of them little hairs all standing up and prickly on my goosebumpy arms.


Crush? Are you off your meds again?


Crush. Like as in win. Like as in just what we did.

Who dat?


That clip is like an epic.

I have to grin when I see Stallworth and AB in the film.

Best wishes to them.

Sometimes breakin up is hard to do

but it's for the better


Right there with you.


So, will there still be a halftime blogging fools meet and greet and beer? We are in section 637.


Deuce and Reggie - "Shock and Awe" - Whaddaya think?


I like it.


Even I, who loathes football, hear of and applauded the win. To those who know me that is a MAJOR thing.

Ahem. I guess I'll try this...

Go Saints!!



Shock and Awe, y'all. First one who gets the cheer going round the dome gets a beer from me.

Laurie Bee

We be havin da Shock and Awe over by my house in Las Vegas next Monday! We former New Orleanians are CRAZY for the Saints out chere too. I am missing home......but, I'll be there in spirit,er spirits!!! And as a former LSU student, I be proud of dem boys too. Get 'em next week.


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