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I miss Wallace. *sniff*


I don't get HBO, so I won't get a chance to check it out.


Thanks for your recommendation on the Wire a while back. I spent all summer watching the first three seasons and agree with you that it is the best show ever.


Um.. the best show ever on TV is MST 3K..... maybe The Simpsons... Just sayin'. As for the Baltimore-New Orleans connection... I've recently imported a Marylander and am still trying to help her feel at home.. although who feels at home here post-K. But sometimes we drive around town together and she tells me exactly what such and such neighborhood is analagous to something in Baltimore.. so you may be on to something.

Mark C.

First episode is already on on-demand, if you have that.

It always freaks me out hearing the british accents whenever jimmy and string are interviewd.


Ashley, I still want to borrow the DVDs of the first seasons. You have made me interested in this show, but I can't jump in in the middle.

Also, another New Orleans - Baltimore coincidenza is that Blaze Starr, Earl K. Long's stripper girlfriend, moved to Baltimore after she left New Orleans and opened the Two O'Clock Club there.


You definitely can't jump into the middle of this one. You can kinda sorta watch Season 2 in isolation since it shifts to the longshoremen, but then you'd be lost again in Season 3 when it moves back to the projects.


Ray, I haven't watched the first episode of this season yet, but I've heard it can be watched standalone. Your opinion?

Mac, yeah, it's hysterical when you realize that String and Jimmy are British actors. Every now and then I catch the AbFab where the male prostitute sprays dick-numb on his tongue. That was Idris Elba, our Stringer Bell.

Jeffrey, would you buy the best drama ever on TV?

Bigshot, glad you liked it.

Blondie, get in touch with me and I'll hook you up.

Ray, I miss Wallace, too. In an interview with David Simon, someone asked "what happened to those kids that Wallace was taking care of?" Without being flippant, Simon said "What do you think happened to them".

The war on drugs is about as effective as the war on terrorism.


Seester: It's intense. Maybe you can rent the DVDs or get them from your library?


I haven't seen it yet. I want to try to get back into the Sunday night ritual and watch it on schedule, since I've been blowing off HBO Sunday nights for a year now.

Knowing that the actor who plays McNulty is really British, it was hilarious when he had to go undercover in the Russian brothel pretending to be an English businessman and his "fake" English accent was so bad.


Yeah, I can rent them somewhere. That is actually how I watched LOST before I got a DVR. It is impossible for me to get to actually sit and watch a show when it actually airs, without tons of familial interruptions!

And for the record, my favorite series ever (so far) was Babylon 5. Especially up through the culmination of the shadows plotline.


I would like to say that the best drama in TV history was the 2006 New Orleans Mayoral Debate Series.... but we all know that was more comedy than anything

jordan 2011

Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour.

radii supras

I also follow through Google Reader!

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