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That is wrong on so many levels. How do you think the victim's family feels? Horrible to lose a child, sibling, friend - a damn shame to have the prime suspect walk off without a trial.


I agree, and I'm not blaming the judge -- I'm blaming the DA's office.

Pure, unadulterated incompetence.


My heart wants so to come back to New Orleans. In fact, I brain drained out of New Orleans in 1994 and came back in 2004. I read this and other things and my head tells me to stay away. Tell me again Ashley, why I should return. Please give me a good answer.


Casey, I'm working on a bigass long answer. I'll have something for you tomorrow.


I'm still on it Casey...


Casey, I brain drained out in 1982 and just moved back. I've lived in Houston and San Francisco and Austin, and I'll tell fucked up as it is right now, New Orleans is still a better place to live than any of those.

My experience might not be typical, but I love it here.

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