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Here's a song worth listening to. Simply go to "The Way we Live - Saints Remix."

Fitch N. DarDar

As I said in my TTBONO post, I don't think the game was rigged. Even though some people I know who are not Saints fans suspect that it was. But you know what? I don't give a shit whether it was rigged or not. We lost an entire friggin' season and had another city try to steal our team (which they now admit). We had to play a home game in New York City last year. The NFL didn't return the favor this year; it didn't put our road game with the Giants later this year in the Superdome.

And lest we forget, don't forget that we played the first game in New York after 9/11 and were victims of a royal screwjob "for the greater good." At least it looked that way to me. Or maybe the 10 or so penalties, 2 blown reversals, and the missed spearing call on the player who took the cheap shot on Aaron Brooks--ALL IN THE FIRST HALF--were done on accident. We took our lumps, and nobody felt sorry for us.

Mr. Clio

Damn you, Ashley. I'm getting tears again (for the um-teenth time this week). Feels good.


I'm thinking about going to the Tulane game, too. The wife and I always go to the baseball games, and we went to the Rice-Tulane football game last year - we outnumbered the Rice fans at Rice, which is always fun. Woulda been funner had we won.

Fitch N. DarDar

Oh yeah, and hold off on the Ninkovich jersey. They I.R.'d him today. Fujita might be a good one to get.


One of these days, I am going to learn not to visit your embedded links. That SF guy really pissed me off.

Fitch N. DarDar

That SF guy just sounded like a chronic gambler to me to me. Hell, his name is "betting fool," although he could probably remove the first part of his name and make it more appropriate. He's just pissed that he lost his "sure thing." He's a joke. I doubt that he's taken seriously. At least, I hope he's not.


the bettingfool is a fuckmook


Judy! Such language!


Shame about Ninkovich. He was getting into the rotation, and working great on special teams.

Glad you all feel the same way about Mr. Betting Fool. Now I can post this email exchange. Good thing he understands that FEMA money earmarked for infrastructure can't be used to rebuild homes. Fuckmook.

From: Steve Tady []
Subject: Re: curing cancer
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:37:50 -0700

Sir, thanks for the cheerful note. But if you bothered to read the column, I am saying that some of the money used to get the Saints back on their feet so soon might have been better used to help people who needed it more.

Yes, you will always have the Saints and you can have them, one of the most pathetic franchises in pro sports history.

We here in the Bay Area, the No. 1 tourist destination in the world and not falling into anything any time soon, have 8 Super Bowl trophies to count.

You, sir, may keep your Saints.

Soulfully yours

On Sep 27, 2006, at 8:48 PM, Morris, Ashley wrote:

> Sir,
> I personally can't wait to see the column you write when your city
> falls into the sea, and the world questions whether or not to rebuild
> it, amongst the death and rubble.
> At least then, we'll still have our Saints, we'll still have our soul.
> You, sir, have neither.
> Ashley Morris


I have just found your blog and as a former Louisiana girl who wishes she was back there (ok, so I hope to get to NOLA on a press trip the first part of 07) I am heartened to read about the good of New Orleans and how people like you are there to make it better. And let me tell you, I bawled like a baby and watched ESPN from 6pm until the game was over. My husband thought I as nuts. He's from California. I hope they come to Tampa Bay and beats the crap out of them. Now, if I could just find tickets for that game. I've added you to my favorites and will become regular reading.


Christy, good to have you. The occasionally profane spirit of New Orleans is broadcast here in all of its abnormal glory.

Mr. Clio


Classic exchange with the SFGate idiot. I love the way he lumps together the Niners' and Raiders' quite separate Super Bowl accomplishments. And the Raiders were in L.A. when they won one of them. Props to them for winning, but they ain't us and never will be.

And their franchises are really stellar over the past couple of years too, aren't they?

3-0, baby. More to come.

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