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What does Harry Anderson do for you?

What does the lack of Harry Anderson do for you?


This was one of those "posted without comment" things.

He had been one of the biggest champions of New Orleans, but now he's vacating. I simply found it noteworty.

Now, Morten Andersen is a different matter...


I don't begrudge anybody leaving for health reasons, including the mental kind. It does the city no good to have people stay if being here makes them so neurotic that they can't leave their house.

Mental illness is a bitch.


He didn't have to trash the place on his way out. I just thought it was all kind of small. Asheville's interesting but it's far from perfect. I hope he's happy there.

Cade Roux

They hosted a meeting on mental health in New Orleans at his club. No one knew they were planning on leaving. Someone mentioned it and the crowd kind of turned hostile. If you aren't going to stay and make a difference, don't bad mouth us on your way out. Yes, the people who voted for Nagin should be ashamed of themselves, but I think we will overcome it. After all, Nagin only fucked up the Katrina response. Bush has fucked up a lot more and he got re-elected. We will overcome both.


Point taken.

Although when I leave the country and emigrate to New Zealand, I'm trashing the place on the way out.


Some people love N.O. and I am sure you will hear from some of them. But, on the other hand the wehtear is horrid HOT and humid much of the year you drip all the time. MUD the city is floating in MUD all the time rains a lot, is below sea level and the ever present mud is overwhelming. Then there is the crime and the constant danger of floods and storms. I can't see why anyone would live there. Austin is GREAT totally different, one of the best cities to live in in the U.S., best for jobs in the U.S.

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